Friday, February 25, 2005


Game Console Search Over!

I decided what to get and I got a GAMECUBE!!! I love it! So far I only have Animal Crossing a cute little and very I should probably say Very VERY addicting game! See Ya l8ter!

Friday, February 18, 2005


Xbox? Gamecube? PS2? Which one is better?

This is probably a question that goes through everyones mind when they are looking into a system. I at first had a PS2 and then I gave that up cause everyone told me how cool Xbox was (Yes Xbox is lots of fun and is cool, but I do really like the PS2) so I traded in my PS2 so I can get an Xbox and now I'm starting to think I should of kept it.

Dont ask me why I love the Xbox but what I want to know is and I'm pretty sure there are gamers out there who walked into a game store and just stood staring and trying to figure out which ones get to buy. Each console has a nice selection of Games, everthing from sports to the role playing games. But how do you know which one is the best? I'm considering taking the Xbox back and getting either a PS2 or Gamecube(Cause I like Zelda games and I know Gamecube has them).

Feel Free to leave a comment on what you think I should do? (One thing I'm not going to do is get all three)

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Congradulations are in order!

Congradulations to the Iraqi people! I got home from work and I heard the news. I'm a very very very happy for you all!

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Hello :)


Just got home from work I had a good day, I made a lot of hotel reservations for people to stay at our hotels and after work I went to GameCrazy(A local store where I can buy and trade in my Xbox Games) and traded in my Nintendo DS and DS games and was able to get a lot of Xbox Games with the store credit that I had. After that I went to Hollywood Video (Movie Rental store) thats next door and rented The Grudge, Around the world in 80 days with Jacki Chan, Spiderman 2 and First Daughter.

When I got home I made some dinner I had Chicken Dumplings, I saved the rest for lunch tommarow (Sunday). Well I have to go I want to start watching my movies and playing my new xbox games.

I'll post again soon! Bye!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to My Little Part of the Blogosphere! My name is Teresa I am 30 years of and live in the USA. I live very close to my family which includes my mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandmother. We had a dog named Little Miss Lady you can click on her name to see a picture of her. It's an old picture, she passed away last febuary she was 19 years old.

I currently work as a Customer Care and Sales Specialist at Marriott International (Hotel Chain). What I do is make reservations for people to stay at our hotels all over the world including the USA. It's lots of fun!

I have lots of hobbies and interests. I like to read, write, shop, go to movies, listen to music.

I love to watch movies, I dont have any faverites I just figure if it looks cool it's probably good. As for music its the same way I listen to the radio a lot so I will sometimes here a song and If I like it I will make sure to write down the artist name if the radio person happens to mention it or I will call the station and ask.

I also like to watch TV, I'm into Dramas and Comedies. I like to watch Law and Order(My whole Family loves Law and Order) and it's spinoff's, CSI(Crime Scene Investigation), Point Pleasant, Veronica Mars, Medium, 7th Heaven, Charmed and I have many other faverites.

As for books just about anything. I love history especially ancient and I love to learn about other cultures and such. Right now I'm currently reading the First Harry Potter books (Oh I know its been out for years and now I'm finally reading it!).

I also like to cook and do crafts.

I love to write, the blog thing is new to me. It looked like fun so I decided to try it out. I I also like photography I have a new camera which I have yet to use. I havent really gone anyplace exciting as of yet to really use the camera.

Well I have to go! I'll post again soon! Feel Free to leave a comment!

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